About Us

Phone Number, E-Mail Address, and Hours

618-443-4935 | spartailcpc@gmail.com

We are open Mondays 1 PM – 5 PM and Fridays 9 AM – 1 PM.

When and how was the Pregnancy Care Center Founded?

The Sparta Pregnancy Care Center was founded in January 1991 by a Board of Advisors: Rev. Ray Morton, Dr. Russell Coulter, Rev. Bob Gossage, Mr. Bob King, Mrs. Susan Wilson, and Rev. John Welch.  The mission of the Center was to promote a respect for human life.  Initially, the center was open three days per week.

How many families/women are helped currently per year/month?

Per year, our center is able to support over 200 clients.  On average, we help 18-19 clients per month.

What kind of items do you provide for your clients?

Most clients get material help with diapers, formula, baby food, clothing, or equipment.

What types of programs and services does the Pregnancy Care Center provide?

Clients go through an interview process which is the beginning of the “Learn to Earn” program.  The Good News of Jesus Christ is shared and each time the clients visit, we encourage and counsel with Biblical principles.  We are always praying that they begin and grow in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Services provided through the center include free pregnancy testing, referral to adoption agencies, maternity homes, and other supportive services.  We also provide pro-life education and abstinence education.  Our ultimate goal is to reach women, girls, and families with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

How can interested churches and individuals provide support to the Pregnancy Care Center?

There are many ways that you and your church family can support our ministry.  Click here to learn how you can provide support.